About Unfairground

Something wicked this way comes as the unfairground rolls into town. Mutant dolls juggled by perverse clowns, a modern satirical take on travelling amusements. Roll Up! Roll Up! For the strangest show on earth!

Unfairground is a showcase for the most visionary and trailblazing subterranean artists of today and the leading art field for subversive and radical art where the act of repurposing both ideas and salvaged material turns the unethical cycle of consumerism and wastefulness into a virtuous one, with the theme of highlighting the unfairness in society and allowing for a uniquely twisted, immersive and interactive visitor experience where participation makes everyone a winner.

Infused with equal measures of anarchist spirit and satirical wit, Unfairground is at the cutting edge of festival culture. Best known for their giant welded artwork, interactive diversions, burlesque performances and sprawling installations, the art field has embraced an entirely original modus operandi excavating an underground art culture that cannot be experienced in such a way anywhere else.

The Unfairground will bend your mind & steal your soul!