Unfairground 2016

Nothing can stop the hedonistic fun and frolics in the Unfairground even when it rains and rains and rains!

Heres a little more from 2016, don’t forget to check out our first home edited clips of a few of the highlights on our Home page


Featured Artist Ben Eign

Not only did he design our current logo But he also painted the side of the Gobbler Sideshow, The Flying Bus Stage and Side of the Salon Carousel. See a short video of him working on our home page and check out more on his page Ben Eine page.


Jagz Acid Lounge

Mums the word but I hear the “Acid’s” getting stronger in the lounge…. Jagz Kooner and his team did an awesome job, check out the video at Jagz Acid Lounge.

A3 Poster - Acid Lounge


Flying Bus Stage

A match made in! What a line up – Carl Cox, 8O8 State to name but to of the acts in 2016, And Mr Evis opens the festival, hungry for more, heres the video – Flying Bus Stage!

A3 Poster - Bez's Flying Bus



Salon Carousel

Pretty pretty oink oink! Hosted by Rubbish Fairy & The Red Rash Inn, DJ Stivs is back to bring the most banging in UK Underground Rave including DJ Producer, Slinks and Off Me Nut.

A3 Poster - Salon Carousel

Take a virtual walk down memory lane or heres a little help in putting together where you were!

A3 Poster - Map and listing