Unfairground 2015

This was the 30th year annerverary for the Battle of the Bean Field and the Unfairground celebrated this with a Copcar theme and Henge. dsc_0246

Cop cars were painted by our very own Dotmasters.



Featured Artist Herakut

Herakut´s approach to art is humanitarian. The goal has always been to beautify the darker places of a city and plant positive signs of life and thought. To them, art is communication, and if artists use their potential right, they can be a strong influence in society.

Take a closer look at our Herakut 2015 page.



Did you know that the B&W board behind our horses was painted by Enjoy Kaos and the frontage by Dotmasters, oh and the horses, Sam Haggertys.


We had some amazing bands and Dj’s in 2015, check out the poster below.


We also had the amazing Artist Jonny Halifax who created an array of logos and merchandise designs seen in the clips below, www.jonnyhalifax.com