The Gobbler

Standing 18 feet high and measuring nearly 24 feet across this is no small side show! With prizes galore all you have to do is put the baby head through the gaping open mouths that rotate behind the painted facade. With two demented barkers calling the crowd a dead fish prize for everyone, the Gobbler became one of the top attractions at the unfair ground at Glastonbury 2010.


With a huge electric blue mirror frontage, the Crack heads gives you the chance to knock your favorite cultural icon over in this twisted sideshow from Sam Haggarty and the Dotmaster, 7 balls for £2 or 3 ball for £1 try your shot and win a limited edition doll from the hands of the artists. Covered in flashing lights and manned by demented barkers this sideshow with a twist was a big hit at Glastonbury with thousands of punters receiving their dead fish prize and many receiving our beautifully packaged doctored dolls. Check out our barkers below.

Brings the horse box booth and some great fancy dress, so you can take away your only memory of what actually happened the night before.

12291921_467294450120705_4493341343184284761_oThe Bone Yard
Test your strength and ring the bell on this fairground classic, with 3 High Strikers to choose from, you can’t fail! Old Boney – at 5 1/2m up to the bell, it’s one of the highest strikers in the UK ! Knuckle Sandwich, at 4.9m, is one for the ladies and Dancin’ Bones perfect the little ‘un.

Built by the Dotmasters, who supply a range of hand crafted prizes, are you brave enough to ring our bell?

frame-001105Site Beef
Revamped to a new analog, clockwork subversion, it’s splat the rat Unfairground style, so don’t hesitate, bash ‘em up !


The 360 headz game is a satirical mind exploding game, where the more you waste, the more you win, because pollution means prizes! Our game offers you the chance to offload all of your waste absolutely guilt free! So don’t worry about lead weighing you down, don’t get nervous about your nervous system! Step right up and release your toxins on someone else!

Standard A presents The Belly of the Beast

From the depths of the oceans the beasts have risen to tear up the city. Feed the monsters – if you dare – and join them to destroy life as we know it.