The UnCrew

As you can imagine the Unfairground Uncrew Unfamily is pretty bloody large, below is a breakdown of who and what goes into making it all so very UNFAIR!


Sam Haggarty  – Artist – Creative Director

The Dotmaster – Artist – Art Director 

Stephan Malit – Field Producer  

Brita Young – Field Production Manager 

Flying Bus Stage

Bez – Superstar – Music Producer  – The Flying Bus

Wango Riley – Music Producer – The Flying Bus

Jagz Acid Lounge

Jagz Kooner – Music Producer – Curator/Programmer  


Salon Carousel

Sophie Soni – Salon Carousel Director 

Finn O’Rourke – Salon Carousel Lead Music Programmer


Field Artists

Wrekon – Debs and Strapper

Floyd Bradbrooke – In-House Artist 

Media & Photography 

Dan Corbin – Media & Website

Ramona Carraro